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Our neighborhood is located in Oak Cliff north of the Wynnewood Village Shopping Center and was named "Best Neighborhood in Dallas" for 2012 by the Dallas Observer! The neighborhood is bound by Vernon Avenue on the west, Zang Boulevard on the east, West Illinois Avenue on the south, and West Clarendon Drive on the north. The 820 acres of the entire Wynnewood neighborhood originally belonged to farmer John M. Wright until 1913 when American Home Realty Company bought the land with plans for future development.

Angus G. Wynne, Jr. envisioned the Wynnewood Addition as a modern development with efficient, well-designed, high quality houses located in a self-contained community complete with a nearby shopping center and convenient access to downtown. Located directly north of the Wynnewood Village Shopping Center, Wynnewood North’s larger lots and mature oak trees attracted both the noted architect, Bud Oglesby, as well as the Hare & Hare landscape architect firm. Today, with its large shaded lots, cohesive houses, and proximity to I-35, Wynnewood North neighborhood preserves the atmosphere and convenience of an original, post-war American suburb.

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The Latest Neighborhood News

Save the Date!

Save the date of April 16th at Kidd Springs Recreation Center from 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. for our SSNOW Brunch!  What is SSNOW? It’s our neighborhood group for Supporting Senior Neighbors of Wynnewood.

SSNOW was founded back when Janice Coffee didn’t qualify for social security! SSNOW was originally started because we wanted to honor our seniors, many of whom were original to the neighborhood. We started having an annual brunch, and we are continuing with that tradition. If you are 65 years young (or older) we want you to come to the brunch! We will be sending out flyers soon with more details, but for now, save the date! If you can’t wait for a flyer, give Janice Coffee a call at 214.942.7029.

Time for New Year's Resolutions!

January 7, 2016

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End of the summer pool party

August 30, 2015

This will be a great afternoon to connect with Wynnewood families and neighbors. The Golf Club has an Olympic sized pool with a diving board, and has lifeguards on duty. There is also a kiddie pool for the little ones!

Full service bar and restaurant- Yes, they bring drinks to you!

More details here

Spring Fling & Egg Hunt

APRIL 19, 2014

We are EGGcited to announce that the return of the annual Spring Fling and Egg Hunt! The EGGstravaganza is an open event, free of charge, and begins at noon in the greenbelt at Mayrant Drive and South Manus Drive. This EGGstremely fun event is open to friends and family of Wynnewood North to EGGsperience some spring fun, allowing everyone to get their full bunny-hop on. 

Please bring your little and even big bunnies to the age-specific egg hunts which will start at 2:15 PM. WNNA will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, water, soft drinks, and juice boxes for kids. Please bring your favorite side dish to share.

About Us

Wynnewood North encompasses 350+ homes located in North Oak Cliff on a hilly, scenic location. Recently we have been known in the press as the "neighborhood where friends are family". And clearly that is evident through the large participation of our neighborhood get-togethers, with neighbors who have grown-up in the neighborhood, and/or who have family still living in the neighborhood. Whether you are newcomers or old family friends, a friendly smile and a handshake are extended to all!

The Wynnewood North Neighborhood Association was created to promote and encourage the safety, improvement and beautification of the neighborhood. Membership is open to all residents or owners, over the age of 18, of property within the boundaries of the neighborhood and we always need volunteers for various projects, events or day-today activities. If you can help in anyway or are interested in serving on the board, let us know!

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New to the Neighborhood?

If you’ve just moved into Wynnewood North, be sure to let us know so we can send you a 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' basket. It provides new residents with helpful contact information, a restaurant guide, local coupons and information on the neighborhood.

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Wynnewood North Neighborhood Association is an IRS designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation helps with the costs of running the association and having neighborhood events.Remember: Donations are Tax Deductible and receipts for donations are provided upon request.


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WNNA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization and we always need volunteers for various projects, events or day-to-day activities. Do you have a special skill or something you are passionate about that you think would help the neighborhood?

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